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Not just another Fishing Lure, "It's a Work of Art !"

Welcome Back to the Good O'l Days
Fish Master Lures

The Leader in Freshwater Sport Fishing
Where Our Motto is
"Lures that Last for a Life Time"
Hand-Carved, Hand-Crafted & Hand-Painted
Custom Fishing Lures for the Serious Angler

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Hello!  and Welcome!

Experience the Good O'l days with quality hand-carved, hand-crafted & hand-painted lures, just like they were meant to be! 
100% Proudly Canadian Made!

100% replacement policy guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for as long as You own the lure. 
Now You can't do better  than that.  We stand by all of Our products 100%. 

Sincerely, Jay Jemmett (Craftsman & President)
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